Meet Lisa


As a little girl, I remember how much fun it was to be in my grandmother's kitchen.  She entertained guests in her home often and I loved to spend the day in her kitchen as we prepared for a dinner party together. My grandfather grew a beautiful organic garden. I remember sowing rows of beet seeds in his garden and then later discovering how delicious a dish of tender young beet greens tasted.  We often ate an entire meal comprised of food from his garden.

These early experiences, as well as years of travel and living abroad, informed my relationship with food and over the years as my own unique food style and expression began to emerge, I gravitated towards working with beautiful whole organic food.

Eventually in the year 2000,  to share my love of cooking with others,  I created Serene Cuisine, a private holistic chef business. 

As a private chef clients often compliment me on the exquisite flavor combinations in my cooking creations.  I am happy that I can share some of those techniques in my classes, and with those cherished clients, and help them on their health journey.


Lisa Valantine, creator of Serene Cuisine and True Food Beauty has worked in the yoga community and as a private holistic chef, cooking, teaching, consulting, for nearly two decades. She has a wealth of information to share and her classes, which focus on local, sustainable food culture and community building, are life-changing and empowering. 

Drawing upon her knowledge of whole foods, ancestral wisdom, ancient healing traditions, and Taoist herbalism, Lisa creates multi-dimensional and highly individualized healing systems to promote wellness and longevity. Lisa believes that health should be fun, that it should become a way of life, an art form that we practice every day. 

Look for Lisa at The Lands of Enchantment Herbalcon Confluence each May in Durango Colorado where she curates new classes each spring on subjects ranging from tonic herbalism to natural non-toxic beauty and skincare.


True Food Beauty was created to empower women to love themselves and to discover and experience the incredible joy and power of their unique femininity and beauty.  

To heal our relationship with food is powerful.  Free of the old patterns - food re-connects us to the divine mother - it takes us to the core of who we really are - who we are meant to be  - as we step into destiny - onto the path of becoming - reawakening - rebirthing, re-imagining.  


Food is the foundation, but, we must also begin to move and awaken the body joyfully, expressively.  We must meditate and invite the solace of stillness, the dark fecundity of our fallow cycles into our lives.   Only when we embrace the lightness and the depths can we move toward wholeness.

Success Stories

"Over a year ago, I decided to make some changes, I was having a lot of minor health problems and allergy symptoms. I was gaining weight and knew that I was not eating a balanced diet.   

I needed help and luckily had kept Lisa Valantine's business card from an event the year before. After meeting with Lisa, I knew her approach to health through whole food was the path for me. I needed to learn what to eat all over again.  

Through a combination of bi-weekly meal preparation by Lisa and periodic cooking classes, I have gradually learned how to cook really tasty "portable meals" that I take with me when I am out and about during the day. And now, I have food already prepared that I can just add to when I don't feel like cooking.  

Because Lisa's food is so flavorful, I find that I am satisfied with less quantity. Plus, I believe that whole food is infinitely motor digestible and nourishing than anything processed.  

The bottom line is that I have lost 25 pounds over the last year and have no more allergy symptoms. I've added daily exercise to my routine and have never felt better. I feel now that I have gained a great deal of knowledge and insight into how food affects me and can honestly say I'm through with sugared drinks and flour products for good.  

Lisa's wonderful meals and cooking instruction has made this transition possible. I honestly don't think I would have figured it out on my own. She has been my constant cheerleader and I can't thank her enough. Should you decide to do as I did, you will not be disappointed. Get ready to watch the transformation begin."

-M.P.M. - Santa Barbara, California


"She is the best cook I've ever met.”

"Lisa's cooking for a party of about twenty we had last summer was sensational. Lisa has a very calm and cheerful disposition. She was very confident and creative in terms of selecting vegetarian menu for my guests here on Point Dume in Malibu. 

She came in and made some inquiries about our tastes and then went shopping. She came back and put the entire meal together. I can't recall how many dishes we had but I can tell you I have never had such a great meal in my life. 

Each course was unique and mouth watering. The meal was a great success because everyone was so delighted by each course of the meal. I simply can't speak highly enough about Lisa's cooking ability. She is the best cook I've ever met.” 

-B.C. Malibu, California

"On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give her a 10+."

"Lisa Valantine has been my personal chef for 16 years.  She is a fantastic cook, always coming up with new ideas, and always tailoring her menus to my needs and preferences.  

I lead a very busy lifestyle, and it is stress-reducing for me to have home-cooked meals available, rather than dining out all the time or having to cook for myself when my time is constrained.  

Lisa works with me to create heart-healthy menus that have contributed to a 40% reduction in my cholesterol levels without the use of pharmaceuticals.  On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give her a 10+."

-CZ Camarillo Ca

"Graceful expression of edible art- appealing to all the senses.”

"I just want to say that when I first saw you I was taken by the gracefulness of your movements. I could see the dancer in you making each step through your day into a moving art. 

Your cooking is also in this same vein - an expression of edible art- appealing to all the senses.”

-T.H. Hollywood California