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Lands Of Enchantment Herbal Gathering 

​Durango,  Colorado   

May 21 to May 24, 2020 



The Art Of Bathing - like a school of lost arts we will be discovering and recovering the art of bathing. Bathing is practiced for hygiene, therapeutic healing, luxurious pleasure and sacred ritual to clarify, purify, and renew the spirit. We will cover the history of bathing, pre-bath and post-bath practices that you will want to know about, as well as a plethora of DIY bath pleasures and preparations. 


Care Of The Hair - Even if you don't want down-to-there mermaid hair come and channel your inner siren with hair care secrets that do not require expensive beauty products or hairdresser appointments. Working from the inside out and from the outside in we will discuss the role of optimal nutrition for achieving healthy hair and hair growth as well as DIY hair masks, treatments and tips for luscious healthy locks that have a subtle wave reminiscent of seaweed and the smell of salt and sun. 


Adaptogenic Herbs From A-Z - Learn how to use adaptogenic herbs to restore, tonify and support healthy aging. We will cover Chinese tonic herbalism and the Taoist Three Treasures as well as tips, ranging from the practical to the esoteric, to preserve and manage life-force energy. Finally, we will learn to make delicious healing tonics that are specially curated non-alcoholic beverages that will delight and refresh the body, mind and spirit and that can be prepared and customized, in your own at-home beauty/tonic bar, to your particular health needs and goals. Ask about completely unique  classes  that celebrate​.

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Ask about completely unique  classes  that celebrate 

Local food, ferments & beverages...  


Enjoy sips and samples and so much more...   

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Raw Chocolate  


Water Kefir Soda  


Pickled Vegetables   


Adaptogenic Herbs From A-Z 

Natural Skin Care:

Art of Pure-Fume 

Focus on the Feet

The Art of Bathing 

Eco-Luxury Facial Serums 

Care of The Hair 

Fragrant Lip Balm Class